If your business leases or owns plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) Alpena Power has options to help you charge your vehicles conveniently and cost effectively. By charging during off-peak hours, 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, weekends and holidays, your energy prices will be discounted 17% from our standard residential per kWh rate.

Installing an at-home PEV charger and meter
We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install the charger and necessary submeter. To be eligible for the off-peak charging rate the energy used by the charger will have to be metered separately with a time of use meter. This way Alpena Power will know exactly how much energy was used to charge the PEV and when it was used.

How much will I save by when I switch from gas and charge off-peak?

Annual Cost to Drive a Full-Size Vehicle 12,000 Miles Per Year

  1. Driving 12k mi/yr @ 25 mi/gal and gasoline @ $3.99/gal = $1,915.20
  2. Driving 12k mi/yr @ $0.14066/kWh with standard General Service Rate = $482.26
  3. Driving 12k mi/yr @ $0.11675/kWh with off-peak charging rate = $400.29

For more information on our General Service Plug-In Electric Vehicle rate please contact our Engineering Department at (989) 358-4955