Explanation of Charges

  • Budget Payment Due
    The monthly preset payment amount.
  • Read Type
    The absence of Read Type (a blank space) indicates a Company read. E (Estimated) means the company estimated the amount of usage for that bill based on previous history.
  • Current Charges
    Charges due for the period specified by service dates.
  • Distribution Charges
    Charges for delivering electricity from a customer’s chosen supplier to their residence or business.
  • Distribution Customer Charge
    Monthly charge for the basic administrative activities with the utility maintaining a customer account: for example – billing, metering, and meter reading.
  • Energy Charge (in the Distribution Section)
    The charge for the distribution of the electricity consumed by an electric customer during the billing period.
  • Power Supply Charges
    The charge for the electricity consumed by an electric customer during the billing period.
  • Energy Charge (in the Power Supply Section)
    The charge for the electricity consumed by an electric customer during the billing period.
  • Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR)
    An explanation of the power supply cost recovery clause, rate schedules, and an explanation of how to verify the accuracy of the bill will be furnished on request.
  • PL (Protective Light)
    The charge for dusk to dawn lighting.
  • Other Charges (Special Charge)
    Charges other than kWh charges.
  • Sales Tax
    When applicable, is computed on the total energy charges for the month
  • Total Current Bill Due
    All charges for this billing period including the customer charge.
  • Previous Amount Due
    The prior month’s balance on your account, either paid or unpaid.
  • Adjustments
    Call 989-358-4900 for explanation.
  • Delinquent Charges
    The unpaid balance from the prior month.
  • Previous Month Late Payment Fee
    Penalty charge that is assessed by the company because a balance due on a bill is delinquent.
  • Total Amount Due
    Current bill plus any additional charges or billings that are due.
  • Direct Payment
    As an automatic bill payment customer, the “Total Amount Due” will be deducted automatically from your bank or credit union account, or charged to your credit card, on the “Due Date.”
  • Online Services
    Go to www.alpenapower.com
  • Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) – In the fall of 2008, the Michigan legislature passed the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act, which requires all utilities in the State of Michigan to implement Energy Waste Reduction Programs for their customers. The programs are designed to reduce energy use by encouraging investment in energy efficiency measures. To cover the cost of these State-Mandated Programs, all utility customers in Michigan are charged an energy waste reduction surcharge. You may be eligible for rebates on energy efficient equipment. Please see www.efficiencyunited.com or www.energystar.com for more details.
  • Renewable Energy (RE or RES) – Within the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act is a requirement that all Michigan utilities begin acquiring a portion of their power from renewable energy sources such as wind, biomass, etc. By 2015, 10% of the utilities power must be from renewable sources. The money APC collects is paid to the providers of renewable energy, no part of the funds are retained by APC.