New service is identified as the actual installation of new electrical equipment. It does not represent new or existing customers relocating to established APC service locations.

Residential Overhead Service Standard Allowance

Alpena Power Company provides for each permanent, year-round dwelling, a single-phase overhead line extension, excluding service drop at no additional charge for a distance of 600 feet, of which no more than 200 feet is a lateral extension on the customer’s private property. When these distances are exceeded, a residential line extension charge is required and that standard charge is $3.50 per lineal foot for all excess footage.

For each permanent, seasonal type dwelling, Alpena Power Company shall provide at no extra charge a 200 foot overhead extension from a main line distribution feeder and no additional charge for an overhead service drop of no more than 100 feet.

Winter construction and Mobile Home Parks have specific and separate criteria, which can be identified by calling Alpena Power Company. Our Engineering Department will be happy to schedule you with the necessary staff to begin this process. Please call 989.358.4955.