Seasonal Plan

Will you be leaving us for warmer climates this winter? Fill out our Seasonal Customer Enrollment Form.

Seasonal customers may want to consider using one of the free Direct Bill Payment Plans that APC has to offer.

    • The Direct Payment Plan will automatically take your payment out of your financial institutions’ saving or checking account.
    • Automatically charge a credit card of your choice each month.
    • Click here to make payment online

If Direct Bill Payment convenience doesn’t meet your needs…

    • You may pay in advance an agreed on amount.
    • Consider the Budget Plan! Place your account on the Budget Plan and you will know ahead of time exactly how much your payment will be each month. At the seasonal end of the budget year, in May, you will receive a bill that will indicate whether you have a credit balance or if you have a balance owing for the budget year.
    • With our new AMR (automated meter read) meters, we no longer have to estimate meters during inclement weather.  If your meter is within 1,000 feet of the road, we will be able to remotely obtain your monthly read.  If your meter is beyond that range, we will attempt to drive down plowed roads for the read.  If we find it necessary to estimate your meter for this reason, you will be billed zero kilowatt hours.  Remember, if your meter is estimated due to weather conditions and there are kilowatt-hours used, you will be billed for any usage consumed during the estimated months(s).  Consumption will be billed as soon as weather permits the reading of your meter.

For additional information call 989.358.4900 or toll free 866.358.4900 or