For over 140 years our mission at Alpena Power Company (APC) has been to serve our customers with reliable and reasonably priced power in an environmentally responsible way.  However, in these changing times, there are several factors that are influencing how we are able to serve our customers; from changes to the environment, to changes in regulation and laws coming out of Lansing.  With all this change we would like feedback on three main points; (1) if our customers believe we are fulfilling that mission, (2) if in these changing times that mission should change, and (3) if it should change, does it align with changes coming from regulators in Lansing.  Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think, good or bad, so we can continue to serve our community in the way you want us to. To fill out the customer feedback survey, please follow the link at

Thank you,

Ken Dragiewicz, President, Alpena Power Company