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On June 1, 2017, Alpena Power Company filed a general rate case application with the Michigan Public Service Commission requesting an average annual increase of 5.33% – or $ 1.9million.

If the MPSC approves Alpena Power’s request, the typical residential customer, who uses approximately 533 kwh’s of electric energy per month, will see their monthly bill increase by about $ 5.73.

Alpena Power’s last general rate increase was in January, 2010.  However, since that time, Alpena has suffered declining sales, increased operation and maintenance expenses while continuing to invest in its aging transmission and distribution systems.  Alpena Power has requested the increase in order to continue to provide the highest service reliability possible for its customers while continuing to keep its rates among the lowest in the state.

Alpena Power’s rates will not change until the MPSC has ruled on the rate case application.  The MPSC may grant Alpena Power’s requested rate increase or a lesser or greater amount.

“Alpena Power continues to proactively plan for our customers’ future energy needs,“ Gary Graham, Alpena Power’s Vice President, said.  “The rate increase will allow us to maintain our existing high standard of service reliability by continuing to make the necessary capital investments in our system.  While we do not like increasing our rates, we believe that the requested increase is both necessary and reasonable.”

Alpena Power is a locally owned electric utility that serves approximately 16,400 customers located in Alpena, Alcona, Montmorency and Presque Isle counties.


Gary D. Graham

Vice President

Alpena Power Company