Quick Facts

  • Electrical power supplier for over 125 years
  • Serving approximately 16,300 residential, commercial & industrial customers
  • Centralized service area of approximately 250 square miles
  • Over 650 miles of overhead transmission and distribution lines maintained
  • 57 miles of underground transmission and distribution lines maintained
  • 24-hour emergency response service
  • Crews work around-the-clock during emergencies
  • Low rates in Northeast Michigan
  • Exceptional reliability in Northeast Michigan- 99.98% average availability to customers
  • Lowest outage average in Northeast Michigan
  • 36 full time highly skilled employees on staff
    • 22 line/operations employees
    • 14 office/support employees
    • all employees are local and know the service area
  • Modern equipment and vehicles.
  • Proactive maintenance program
  • Constant electrical system upgrades
  • 22 substations (distribution & transmission)
    • Looped distribution System
    • Dual feed for all circuits to decrease length of outage
    • Transmission warning system
  • First-rate restoration policy for outages
    • Safety is number one concern
    • Critical customers (i.e., hospital) handled first
    • High concentrated areas handled next, then remaining areas
  • Long distance toll free 866.358.4900 or local 358.4900
  • Quick hook up by phone for electric service
  • 24 hour day and night payment automated phone arrangement service
  • Confidential envelope billing with return envelope
  • 15 area bill payment centers
  • Free automatic bill payment plan and/or budget payment plan
  • Free Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover card payment plan
  • Senior “no late charge” program
  • Energy Gift certificates
  • Winter Protection Plan
  • Community benefit programs

Kid’s Q & A

How much electricity do you go through a day?

Alpena Power Company provides electricity to approximately l6,300 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Alpena area. The APC service area covers most of Alpena County…about 250 square miles. In addition, we maintain over 650 miles of overhead transmission and distribution lines and 57 miles of underground lines. There are currently 39 full time highly skilled employees on staff. APC purchases much of our power from Consumers Energy Company.

APC kilowatt-hour sales for 2013 were 330,987,640 (kWh) or an average of 906,815 kWh @ day.

Four major industries in Alpena consume 43% of the power. 13,700 residential customers consume 26%. The balance is used by protective and street lighting, and commercial businesses and institutions, from Alpena Public Schools to Walmart.

A typical family using 530 kWh @ month would use 17.7 kWh per day. At 12.5 cents per kWh that would be $2.21 per day or about $63.30 per month.

How long does it take to get electricity through the town?

Electricity travels at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second. Electrical current is instant. It must be used as it is generated. It cannot be stored.

What happens when the power goes out?

Usually we receive a call at Alpena Power Company. Our engineering department is contacted and it is determined where all the crews are working and whose crew might be the closest to the problem. The crew then finds the problem and proceeds to make corrections or repairs. If the power goes out at night, a dispatch person, who is answering the phones, calls the lineman on call and the lineman on call determines what action should be taken. He may take care of the problem himself or call for additional assistance.

Is it hard to keep track of everything?

All jobs are divided into departments. Every department knows what activities they are responsible for, and during the years they have fine tuned each activity until it is in the most efficient form to handle. Each job is very important to the Company. Personally, I think the linemen have an awesome job of keeping electricity flowing to everyone’s homes…sometimes risking their lives working on live wires.