For Immediate Release December 27, 2021
Rate Increase

Contact: Ken Dragiewicz President and COO

Wednesday, December 22, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) authorized Alpena Power Company to increase its rates by 3.61% overall, which on an annual basis is about $1,250,000. The increase will be effective as of January 1, 2022.

The average rate increase for all classes of customers is 3.61%; however, various rate classes are impacted differently. For a typical Alpena Power residential customer using 543 kWh per month, the increase is 5.40% resulting in an impact of approximately $ 4.33 per month.

Alpena Power’s small business customers will see a rate increase of 3.37% on average, and larger business customers will experience an average 2.71% increase. Industrial customers will see an average increase of 5.03%

Alpena Power’s last overall general rate increase was effective in January 2018.

Ken Dragiewicz, Alpena Power’s President said today:

“Alpena Power continues to proactively plan for our customers’ future energy needs. Regrettably, operating expenses and inflationary pressures have continued to rise over the past four years despite efforts by Alpena Power to control costs and improve operational efficiency. While we do not like having to increase our rates, we believe that the increase in both necessary and reasonable. The increase will allow us to continue to make capital investments in our electric facilities that will enable us to maintain our existing high standard of service reliability and to grow with our customers.”

Additionally, Alpena Power will be implementing several new tariffs including, Residential and Commercial Plug In Electric Vehicles Rates, Efficient Electric Heating Rates, Distributed Generation Rates and a Low-Income Assistance Service Provision.

Alpena Power is a locally owned electric utility that serves approximately 16,650 electric customers located in Alpena, Alcona, Montmorency and Presque Isle counties.

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